Book Review: The Making Of Gabriel Davenport by Beverley Lee

In a house built on truth, something lays hidden.

Beth and Stu Davenport moved to the English hillside town of Meadowford Bridge to give their young son, Gabriel, an idyllic, rural childhood. But in a single evening, the Davenports’ dream is shattered by a hidden, ancient darkness — and their lives are forever changed.

Years later, Gabriel Davenport, now a capable, curious young man, makes the ill-fated decision to go looking for answers about his mysterious past. As soon as he begins his quest, his life becomes a place of shadows. The people he loves and trusts are acting abnormally. The strange woman who lives upstairs is even more haunted than usual. Even his most trusted friend seems to be hiding something.

As one fateful night deepens, and the line blurs between darkness and light, Gabriel must confront the terrible events that destroyed his family all those years ago. He is faced with a choice: continue living the life that was never his to begin with, or give himself over to a terrifying new reality more sinister than anything he’s ever known.

The darkness is watching.

She dreamed in grey, the colour of misery. The pall bearers lowered her coffin into the ground. She banged on the lid, bloody fingers clawing at the wood. But she wasn’t trying to get out. She was trying to get in.

Be still my little black heart, that’s a creepy intro, right? And it just gets creepier, darker and more intense as you eat up every single sinister little word that spills from the pages of this novel.

This was one of those books that I read cover to cover without even realising how quickly I was motoring through the pages. I’d pick it up when I had 5 minutes here and there simply because I couldn’t wait to see what was about to happen next. 

In a way, it touches so many genres in the horror spectrum, which would make you think the premise just shouldn’t work, but it so does! I don’t want to give too much of the plot away but if you like demonic spirits, vampires, and supernatural abilities then Beverley delivers it all in spades.

Of the protagonist in this book, I say, move over Edward Cullen – Gabriel Davenport has arrived! The narrative is beautifully written with supporting characters that you can’t help begin to love and sometimes hate and the short chapters just make it such an easy read. In just under 300 pages it’s strikingly easy to really get into the heads of these people; the coming of age innocent, the do-gooder priest, the quacky momma, the rebel teenage girl, the obedient nerdy boy and that’s before you throw in the supernatural beings that just keep coming!

As a debut novel, this is superb! If you haven’t succumbed to Gabriel yet, then get on it, you have some catching-up to do as this is fast becoming a book franchise to watch out for.

The Making of Gabriel Davenport by Beverley Lee
Published by Ink Raven Press, 2016
Pages: 268
Format: Kindle
Source: Amazon Kindle Store
ISBN: 978-0-9935490-0-7

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