Happy 1st birthday to my favourite horror subscription box

Pennywise the clown with happy birthday message

Nocturnal Reader’s Box – October Unboxing

October NRB was the 1-year anniversary box as Vincent & Jessica celebrated a year of fabulous horror swag being sent to horror fans all over the world. I’ll say one thing, they celebrated in style! The box itself had to be enlarged by a few inches to make sure it could hold not one, not two but THREE books! I don’t know any other subscription box that treats their subscribers to that many books in one box.

The Books

Let’s start with the books! These alone, before you even look at all the extra goodies, have a retail value of more than the subscription fee. Just another reason I love this box and it’s curators! They care about their fans and giving them quality value! Here’s what we had in the box:

  • New release: What the Hell did I Just Read? by David Wong (Hardback) BUY >
  • New release: Valancourt Book of Horror Stories (Volume 2) BUY >
  • Previous release: Cold Moon Over Babylon by Michael McDowell BUY >

Yet again, NRB has included 3 books I haven’t read and I’m super excited to get stuck in. Having received “This Book is Full of Spiders” by David Wong in a previous box, I was delighted to get “What The Hell Did I Just Read”, the 3rd installment in the trilogy by Wong.

The Swag

Where do I begin! This box was packed to the brim with all sorts of horror delights, exclusive to this box.

  • A retro tee: Inspired by “The Long Walk” by Stephen King (aka Richard Bachman) and in the style of an old-school marathon shirt.
  • A bar glass: Inspired by “American Gods” by Neil Gaiman.
  • A candle: Inspired by “Something Wicked This Way Comes” by Ray Bradbury and created by NaturaAmantis – the smell makes it seem almost good enough to eat.
  • A friggin’ awesome Sadako Yamamura patch: Inspired by The Ring from Koji Suzuki.
  • An enamel pin: Inspired by “The Raven” by Edgar Allen-Poe.
  • An art print: Created by Ivan Belikov.
  • Bookmark & stickers: Staples in each monthly box.

And there you have it. October’s box! I’ll be adding reviews of each of the books as I get to them so stay tuned. I personally can’t wait for November – they say the box is going to be BIG. They say that every month yes, but they haven’t been wrong yet and with featured items from Richard Matheson and Shirley Jackson planned, I believe them :-).

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