Book Review: Dark Screams Volume 8

Frank Darabont, Bentley Little, Benjamin Percy, Billie Sue Mosiman, Kealan Patrick Burke, and Glen Hirshberg share chilling tales of ancient evils and wicked desires in this spooky collection assembled by renowned horror editors Brian James Freeman and Richard Chizmar.

My personal opinion:

Fabulously unsettling! An anthology of 8 stories, Dark Screams Volume 8 was one of my favourite in the series. Wapulski’s Typewriter simply blew my mind, what a way to kick things off. It had all the characteristics of a damn good horror story; gore, character empathy, holy cow moments, this has now become one of my favourite short stories in the horror genre.

Unfortunately, as with most anthologies, not all stories resonated equally with me, but The Boy by Bentley Little and The Palaver by Kealan Patrick Burke came close seconds to Wapulski’s Typewriter in terms of sheer weirdness and the creep factor. Burke’s tale, in particular, had a hint of The Ring about it in terms of the hair scene. Yuck!

Overall this is a great anthology, expertly curated by the guys at Cemetery Dance who yet again live up to their amazing reputation for selection great horror.

4 star book review
I give this book 4 skulls!

Dark Screams: Volume 8 is now available on Amazon.

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